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Use case Objective

Create your specific help messages (tuto, warning), on any url of Joomla administration (core or extensions).

You can display a message for global Joomla features such like articles, menus... or for a very precise url like a plugin or some component settings.

Hereunder an exemple with a message reminding to the administrator some SEO recommendations for menu items settings.

display message admin joomla

Joomla Features

As far as we know, this help feature to customize Joomla administration doesn't exist.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • the ability to document complex or "not to be changed" settings, dedicated to administrators or selected users,
  • the opportunity to describe a process, for instance how to redact an article and how to fill the different fields associated,
  • the possibility to insert HTML, an image or a link inside the message sending to another detailled page,
  • features and buttons like "Do not show any more", with display settings.


Process description

1- Plugin Observer : Identify the url from administration associated to the message.

It can be a precise url (a setting page from a component) or more global (for instance the list of the articles - url including "option=com_content").

Plug in Observer to be used : "URL Navigation"

2- Plugin Action : Message creation

Possibility to select specific users (or groups) for which the message is dedicated

Possibility to insert HTML (link, image, style).

Plug in Action to be used : "Message Popin"

OBS File with the datas of the Scenario:
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Detect URL Navigation - 3 domains


Set 1 or several url(s) whose visit will trigger an action

  • 3 domains

Detect URL Navigation - Multi-domains


Set 1 or several url(s) whose visit will trigger an action

  • Multi-domains


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