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Use case Objective

You can display a custom message on any page of your eShop.

Application exemples :

  • remind the visitor he can benefit from a promotion on category or some products,
  • display some associated products,
  • give information on delivery,
  • ask the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, to be informed about new products and sales.

Joomla Feature

As far as we know, this feature doesn't exist among eCommerce Joomla components.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • this feature can apply to any eCommerce Joomla component,
  • you can customize you own message,
  • you can display any messages as needed (just don't annoy visitors with too many pop ups). 
This use case displays Engage Box component pop up.


Process Description

1- Observer Step : set the url to observe for which a message has to be displayed.

1- Click on button  bouton selection type plugin observeur allows to select the relevant "Observer" plugin type : "Navigation URL".
2- the process is applied to a front-end site URL (not administration),
3- Choose "Part of URL",
4- Set the appropriate expression of the url to observe, for exemple "boutique/12-category1"
5- The message is displayed to everybody, no restrictions on some users/visitors, select "All".

observateur url boutique categorie

2- Action Step : display a pop up from component Engage Box

A- Pop up creation with Engage Box component :

In Engage Box component, on pop up creation, the trigger event setting should be "ondemand" (obligatory for Obsewhere process).

display message url ecommerce

In order to prevent your visitors from beeing harrassed by annoying pop up windows, we highly suggest to set the "Cookie" parameter to "Session" value. The pop up will open once, and will be hidden all along the session.

action engagebox

B- Action step : display the pop up created with Engage Box component :

1- choose "Action" plugin type "EngageBox"
2- select the appropriate "ondemand" Engage Box pop up
3- the title and the content of the message can retreive the Engage Box pop up settings (see exemple underneath), or can be HTML customized with button  bouton action parametrage message
4- the message has to be displayed for all visitors : select "current visitor". 

action affichage engagebox url boutique categorie

C- Final result in front-end

message promotion categorie


OBS File with the datas of the Scenario:

Attention : Installing and using this .obs file, you have to pay attention to the "EngageBox" selection to fit to your own settings. otherwise the scenario won't process correctly !

Once you've purchased your Obsewhere extension,
check out How-to-install your Plugin/Scenario to install it on your Joomla Web site.
The installation package '212-S40' is not yet available. This scenario will be available for download as soon as the package is finished.
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Detect URL Navigation - 3 domains


Set 1 or several url(s) whose visit will trigger an action

  • 3 domains

Detect URL Navigation - Multi-domains


Set 1 or several url(s) whose visit will trigger an action

  • Multi-domains


Display Engage Box - 3 domains


Display a message in an Engage Box

  • 3 domains

Display Engage Box - multi-domains


Display a message in an Engage Box

  • multi-domains

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