Le fichier .obs importé est incorrect. Ce n'est pas un fichier au format Scénario Obsewhere !

Ce scénario est proposé dans un pack: Payant

Use Case Objective

When cart amount or quantity reaches a threshold, a pop up message can be displayed.

Some use cases can be created :

  • threshold 0.01€ or quantity 1 : display your message as soon as a product has been added to the cart,
  • threshold 50€ : be proactive and display your message as soon as the cart amount has reached 50€. For instance you can mention that delivery costs would be free if the order is 79€ or more.
  • threshold quantity 3 : afficher un message à partir de 3 produits dans le panier.

Joomla Feature

As far as we know, this feature doesn't exist among eCommerce Joomla components.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • available for Hikashop component,
  • if you display a message in relation with Hikashop settings, please check coherence. Obsewhere is not a substitute for Hikashop component settings.
  • customize your own message,
This use case is based on Engage Box component.

Process Description

1- Hikashop : if the message refers to Hikashop setting, please check coherence and validity.

In the following exemple, we will display a proactive message as soon as 50€ are reached for cart total amount. The message will inform the customer about free delivery costs starting at 79€ order.

2- Observer Step : determine which type of threshold (amount/quantity) and its value, that wil trigger the message.

1- Click on button bouton selection type plugin observeur allows to select the relevant "Observer" plugin type : "Seuil panier".
2- In our exemple we choose an amount threshold,
3- Include taxes to Yes means that the threshold is considered for taxes included amounts,
4- Mention the cart total amount which triggers the message,
5-The message is displayed to everybody, no restrictions on some users/visitors, select "All".

observation seuil panier Hikashop

3- Action Step : display a pop up from component Engage Box

A- Pop up creation with Engage Box component :

In Engage Box component, on pop up creation, the trigger event setting should be "ondemand" (obligatory for Obsewhere process).

action engagebox message seuil boutique

In order to prevent your visitors from beeing harrassed by annoying pop up windows, we highly suggest to set the "Cookie" parameter to "Session" value. The pop up will open once, and will be hidden all along the session.

action engagebox url boutique categorie session

B- Action step : display the pop up created with Engage Box component :

1-choose "Action" plugin type "EngageBox",
2- select the appropriate "ondemand" Engage Box pop up,
3- the title and the content of the message can retreive the Engage Box pop up settings (see exemple underneath), or can be HTML customized with button bouton action parametrage message
4- the message has to be displayed for all visitors : select "current visitor".

action engage box message seuil panier

C- Final result in front-end

engage box seuil panier EN

Note : this message won't be displayed immediately on adding a product in the cart; the page refresh is required, navigating to another product or going to checkout.

Fichier OBS 

Attention : Installing and using this .obs file, you have to pay attention to the "EngageBox" selection to fit to your own settings. otherwise the scenario won't process correctly !


[ObsUseCaseFile Error] No scenario in Obs File '/e-commerce/rappel-livraison-gratuite.obs'. Check the .obs file content!


Attention : Lors de l'utilisation de ce fichier .obs, vous devrez modifier l'Action #2 "EngageBox" afin de selectionner votre EngageBox, sinon, ce scénario ne fonctionnera pas correctement !