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Le fichier .obs importé est incorrect. Ce n'est pas un fichier au format Scénario Obsewhere !

Ce scénario est proposé dans un pack: Payant

Use case Objective

If a customer has not validated a cart, this cart is saved during a specific period. On the customer's next connection, the cart can be retrieved and displayed.

Joomla Feature

As far as we know, this feature doesn't exist among eCommerce Joomla components.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • available for Hikashop
  • you can display a message which mentions to the connected user, his non validated cart. You can show a simmple message or even a link to the saved cart.
  • you select the message recipient : connected user.

Description du traitement

1- Detect the connection of the user

Plug in Observer : "Users"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

2- Research in database if this Hikashop user has a saved non validated cart

This step retreives datas displayed on step 3.

Plug in Action : "Read SQL field"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

3- Show message to the connected user (system message or pop up)

Create automatically the email content from the following datas :

  • user name - Step 1
  • (optionnal) link to the saved cart - Step 2

Plug in Action : "Message"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

[ObsUseCaseFile Error] No scenario in Obs File '/e-commerce/rappel-panier-hikashop.obs'. Check the .obs file content!