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Use case Objective

In Joomla administration, you wish to limit access to some users, to menus or menu items settings. You need more security in a simple process, without losing flexibility.

This use case can apply to all menus, some menus types, some menu items.
This use case can also apply to any feature in Joomla administration.
You can also display a simple message without blocking access.

Joomla Feature

The main solution, integrated to Joomla, is the well-known ACLs, which allow to set users rights in a very powerfull and precise way. This ACL structure requires a global analysis of all administration features and implies very rigorous settings.
Moreover, due to this deep analysis, the ACLs are dedicated to be lifetime (and not temporary), and can't be set for some users and some features.

What Obsewhere brings you

You can limit access to menus or menu items. The process is not actually blocking access but setting a redirection when the user attempts to display the forbidden url. For instance if the user should not reach menu items, he can be redirected to articles list, and a message can be displayed to remind him his access restriction, and why he is redirected.

As mentionned in "Use case Objective", you can simply display a message (like an inline information) associated to any url, specificly in administration. In that case, there's no redirection and the feature is accessible.

This process, relying on url in administration is :

  • standard Joomla environment,
  • easy and quick to be set,
  • temporary or permanent,
  • possible for 1 user, several user user groups,
  • independant from ACLs,


Process Description

1- Define the administration url to block, which can be very precise or global

For instance, set "com_menus" for "option" setting, to block all the whole Menu feature,

Block administration menu Joomla

For instance, set "option=com_menus&view=items&menutype=hidden-menu" to block one type of menu.

Block administration menu Joomla

In this step you will also define which groups of users (or individual users) should not have access (image underneath) :

bloquer access groupes utilisateurs 


2- Display a message to the connected user, letting him know he is not allowed to access to the menu feature


3- Redirect the user to a url of your choice

block joomla menu administration

Steps 2 and 3 will be excuted simultaneously, and the user will read the message on the redirected url.


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