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Le fichier .obs importé est incorrect. Ce n'est pas un fichier au format Scénario Obsewhere !

This Scenario is proposed in a pack  

Use case Objective

You wish to avoid email injections through Joomla contact form ("com_contact"), from some suspicious countries.
Similar to user domain filter settings, you wish to ban some focused countries (their country code, technically named as TLD).
Joomla standard contact form is an old feature, very well known by hackers. This kind of security seems essential.

Joomla Feature

As far as we know, this feature doesn't exist to prevent from unwanted country senders..

What Obsewhere brings you

  • increase your site's security level and consequently improve your GDPR compliance : Obewhere country filter is called before form process.
  • you can ban as many countries as you want,
  • possibility to set an alerting email to administrator, in case of emails injections from banned TLD.


Process description

1- Observer : this "Observer" step is mainly dedicated to set the country TLD to filter (ban).

1- The button button select allow to choose plugin "Observer" in "Security" tab, called "Filtrage contact".
2- Select which contact(s) is to be monitored (most likely all),
3- Set country TLD to filter, separated by ","

observateur parametrage TLD

2- Action (optional) : send a notification email to administrator, only in case of message attempts from banned TLD.

observateur parametrage TLD sequence action

This action is optional because Obsewhere component automatically logs events like messages from banned TLD.


3- User system message :

If a user from a banned TLD tries to send a message in conventional way through the form, the alert message underneath will be displayed :

filtre TLD message systeme


OBS File with the datas of the Scenario:
[ObsUseCaseFile Error] No scenario in Obs File '/FR/securite/filtrage-pays-TLD-form-contact-joomla.obs'. Check the .obs file content!






[ObsUseCaseFile Error] No scenario in Obs File '/FR/securite/filtrage-pays-TLD-form-contact-joomla.obs'. Check the .obs file content!

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Monitoring contact core Joomla submissions - FREE


Select 1 or any core Joomla Contact, for which form submissions will trigger an action


Send an email - 3 domains


Send an email to 1 or multiple recipients, registered or not

  • 3 domains

Send an email - multi-domains


Send an email to 1 or multiple recipients, registered or not

  • multi-domains

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