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Ce scénario est proposé dans un pack: Payant

Use case Objective

Avoid unwanted users from specific countries. Sometimes those registrations happen from time to time and are difficult to spot.
The target is also to preserve your bounce rate due to useless registrations.

Joomla Feature

As far as we know, this feature doesn't exist to prevent from unwanted Acymailing users.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • a feature only available for Acymailing, at the moment,
  • increase your security level and get a new opportunity to conform to GDPR,
  • clean up your newsletter recipient base.

Process Description

1- Observe Acymailing registration events, and define the country filter from emails (TLD)

Plug in Observer : "?"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

2- Action to notify the administrator : send an email in case of filtered country user attempting to registrate

Create automatically the email content from the following datas :

  • rejected email, date and time - Step 2
  • select the administrator to be notified.

Plug in Action : "Message"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications