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Ce scénario est proposé dans un pack: Payant

Use case Objective

Real-time administrator's alert in case of flooding (X connections in short time period) against your Joomla website.
This use case concerns core Joomla users connections. Monitoring connections through components would be other use cases.

Joomla Features

As far as we know, this feature of real-time notification doesn't exist among Joomla firewall components.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • the insurance to be alerted in real-time in case of flooding, while a classical firewal rarely provide real-time notification,
  • reinforce your real-time website monitoring process, and reduce time to react and take more protection measures,
  • keep track of the attack event.

Process Description

1- Identify X connections in short time period

Plug in Observer : "Connexion"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

2- Action to notify the administrator(s) : send email or display system message in administration

Create automatically the email content from the following datas :

  • date and time when the event started
  • number of connections / short time period
  • user(s) selection to send or display for administrator(s)

Plug in Action : "Message"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications