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Ce scénario est proposé dans un pack: Payant

Use case Objective

You wish to be informed in real time, of selected/all extensions update.

Joomla Features

As far as we know, this feature doesn't exist as email notification, only through message system in Joomla administration.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • a real-time extenseion update notification, sent by email,
  • the email can be sent to selected users, if several administrators,
  • an easy way to increase security and improve your administration processes.

Process Description

1- Detect the extension update from JED

Plug in Observer : "System - JED"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

2- Action to notify the users : send email to administrator(s)

Create automatically the email content from the following datas :

  • name and version of the updated extensions - Step 1
  • select recipient administrator(s),

Plug in Action : "Message"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications