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Use case Objective

Be notified in real-time if a system parameter (PHP version, memory_limit ...) has been changed.

Joomla Features

As far as we know, this real-time notification feature doesn't exist in Joomla administration.

What Obsewhere brings you

  • the insurance to be notified from important hidden modifications (non documented), possibly implemented from out of the site,
  • you can choose your type of notification : by email to one or several administrator(s), or display a message in the administration,
  • you reinforce your capacity to real-time monitor your website, and keep track of important changes.

Process Description

1- Detect modification of "system" parameters : select for which settings you want to follow changes

Plug in Observer : "Systèmes"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications

2- Action to notify the users : send email to administrator(s) or display a message in Joomla administration

Create automatically the email content from the following datas :

  • name of the modified parameter and its new value - Step 1
  • for email, select recipient administrator(s),

Plug in Action : "Message"

Paramètres : copie écran et explications